Hello! I have some decidely special shows looming in the Los Angeles area. In May I will be performing improv at the I. O.  West in Hollywood; in June, I will be narrating Peter & the Wolf with the Huntington Beach Symphony Orchestra

Ye of Boise: I will be performing my stand-up act at Liquid Laughs September 27 & 28, 2013. 

In the distant future -- December, 2013 -- I will be performing my act in Viet Nam, Singapore, and Malaysia; I have not yet the details; I apologize for any inconvenience. Then, in January of 2014, I will be narrating Carnival of the Animals with the Glendale Symphony Orchestra.

Please don't assume from the above that I will have no other gigs this year. I often get gigs at the last minute; I beg you to please keep continuously (not continually: that would be insane) checking back. 

TV-wise, my next episode of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time (I'm in all the episodes with the word "Graybles" in the title) should be coming down the pike any Monday now. I do the voice of a strange creature. His name is Cuber. He looks like this

Thank you for reading down this far.

Now thank you reading down this far.

The imp in me is tempted to write that yet again, but I feel inexplicably strong today, so I shan't.