Saturday, December 10, 2016

Steve Allen Theater

4773 Hollywood Blvd (two blocks west of Vermont)

Los Angeles, California 90027

(323) 666-4268

I'm ecstatic to be co-hosting Tomorrow with Ron Lynch. Now in its twelfth year, Tomorrow is one of the longest-running alternative variety extravaganzas in the galaxy, if not the universe itself.

All-ages (having said that, the show oft careens towards the ribald).

Parking as free & abundant as when our species first set eyes on the scene -- in our very own (paved!) lot, adjacent to the theater.

Tickets are just eight lousy bucks, with reservations not necessary: if we "sell out" we simply remove a wall (let's see them try that at La Scala).

The fun commences at the crack of 11:59 Saturday night, and ends around 1:30 Sunday morning, and the show continues for ten or twenty minutes after that. Has there ever been a better reason to take an afternoon nap?

PS We are sporting quite a line-up for this show; for the exactitudes, I exhort you to have a gander at the Facebook Event Page.

PPS Courtesy compels me to tell you that, in addition to my co-hosting activites, I will be fronting my own band, to play some music before the entertainment starts.


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