Saturday, August 26, 2017

Steve Allen Theater

4773 Hollywood Blvd (two blocks west of Vermont)

Los Angeles, California 90027

(323) 666-4268

I'm planning something unique, and hopefully phenomenal, this Saturday at the crack of 11:59 PM at the Steve Allen Theater (on Hollywood Blvd, 2 blocks west of Vermont) in Los Angeles.

I'm keeping what I'll be doing close to the vest -- so I'm begging you to trust me -- but please know that I am as excited about this show as I've ever been about any show in my four decades as a performer.


Parking is as free and abundant as when our species first set eyes on the scene -- in our very own paved lot.

Tickets are $8. The ticket page says "Tomorrow!" with Ron Lynch, but Ron was called to Canada (let's hope it wasn't a prank call, wink wink) and he asked me to fill in for him, giving me carte blanche. Come see what carte blanche means to me. 

Venue website & map