Saturday, September 30, 2017

Steve Allen Theater

4773 Hollywood Blvd (two blocks west of Vermont)

Los Angeles, California 90027

(323) 666-4268

The Steve Allen Theater is scheduled for demolition, which will make it unsafe to perform there.


Thus will Tomorrow! be ending as well.

Tomorrow is arguably our galaxy's longest-running weekly alternative variety extravaganza. Oft have I reveled in its safe and forgiving bosom.


But my cake of sorrow is frosted with joy, for Ron Lynch, the show's beloved and legendary host, has not only invited me to co-host a bit with him, but has kindly and generously agreed to allow my band, Emo & the Emo-Philiacs, to kick off the delirium. 

This'll be a finale for the books, with some of the most illustrious names that have graced the show o'er the past twelve odd years.

See you Saturday at the crack of 11:59 PM!


Free parking, in our very own paved lot

Tomorrow's official Facebook page

Tickets (kindly click this link to take a gander at the roster)

Venue website & map