Emo Philips Live at the Hasty Pudding Theatre


My two LP comedy albums from the eighties, which in the nineties became quite scarce thanks to that whole skeet-shooting craze,  are now on just one compacted disc: o'er 1.352 hours o' pure Emo-Philia

I invite you to sample 6.374% of it

If you're a computer genius you can gather it ethereally off iTunes & Amazon MP3; I am also trying to figure out how one might procure a compacted disc

For those who've not included stand-up comedy stylings in their budgets, I've a bunch of high-quality audio clips to which you can listen for free; to begin the adventure, click thrice quickly here

Shoving your mouse's forehead into the back cover below will allow you (other things being equal, of course) to peruse the track titles