Emo Philips, emo music: what the . . . ?

As far as I know, there is pretty much no connection between me - - Emo Philips - - and "emo" music.

True, before the musical genre we now know as "emo" was christened, I had, after years of effort and months of luck, shot the name "Emo" (with - - between 1984 and 1987 - - six appearances on Late Night with David Letterman, a half-hour Cinemax Comedy Experiment, an hour-long HBO special, and two comedy albums) irrepluckably into the zeitgeist;

and true, on my first comedy LP, E=MO 2 (Epic Records, 1985)



my look is eerily - - prophetically? - - "emo" in terms of hair, clothing, and physique (beatings at the hands of envious others not depicted),   

but, no . . . other than that . . .

there is absolutely no connection.


I invite you to view the earliest Emo ('83) ever!