So Why Not Sign Up for a Nice E-Mail Alert Already, for Crying Out Loud, You?

Like Santa Claus or a restaurant health inspector, I rarely visit a place more than once a year. So why risk missing one of my live performances unintentionally?

All I need from you is your e-mail address and either your zip/postal code, if you are a North (for practical purposes) American, or the name of your country, if you reside, as in the romantic refrain, "somewhere beyond the sea."

Then, as long as my innocent missive isn't accidentally caught up in your spam filter like a sweet and intelligent porpoise in a tuna net, you will be informed, with luxurious advance notice, as to when next I will be in your "hood."

Enrolling could not be easier; you can initiate the pleasurable process simply by gently clicking here.

So why not take your Emo-Philia to the next level?
Do it now! I'll be so glad you did.