"Has a glitteringly sharp comic mind. It's hard to criticise when your windpipe is in a reef knot from concussive laughter." 
-Sunday Herald

"The absence has only made his heart grow funnier...one spot-on gag after another...his carefully constructed lunacy threatens to give the shambolic world of stand-up a good name." 

"It's a relief to discover the straightforward gagman…as a master of one-liners, he's way ahead of anyone else."
-The Independent

"A fascinating comedian. His stage persona masks how incredibly professional he is…a master gagsman." 
-Scotland On Sunday

"His jokes are gold. And it's not just the way he tells them; it's the number of jokes he has....Absolutely top of the class in the laughing academy." 
-The List

"Utterly idiosyncratic. Refreshing, cranky and extraordinarily funny." 
-The Times

"Perfection….he sets demanding standards for any comic to achieve, and that even includes himself."

"If Kafka had done stand-up comedy, he might have talked and looked like Emo Philips."
-The New Yorker

"The E.T. of comedy…. A wise child spewing barbed aphorisms." 
-The New York Times

"If David Lynch is Jimmy Stewart from Mars, Emo is Buster Keaton from Venus…."
-Evening Standard

"A postgraduate course in lunacy from the master of macabre mischief, incapable of presenting a stale premise or uttering a flat line. He is the velociraptor of comedy: smart, sneaky and merciless."
-Star Tribune

"His jokes are more perfectly constructed, and his personality more compelling, than anyone else's...his comic fusillade is irresistible."
-The Guardian

"Hilariously funny...a breathtaking performance." 
-New York Post

A Massacre of Laughs."
-(Twin) City Pages

"Flawless comic timing." 
-People Magazine

"A one-man asylum, worth the trip." 
-Boston Globe

-Time Out

"Very funny and very strange."
-Chicago Tribune

"Brilliantly sick, but also brilliantly brilliant."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"An object lesson in perfect performance comedy. Honestly, I have never enjoyed a better act in Edinburgh."

"Actually worth the hype, a one-off, a genuinely original comic persona."
-The Observer

"Unexpected delights pop up with unerring regularity in what is a cascade of comic invention." 
-The Scotsman

"Genuinely Funny." 
-Evening News

"Utterly hilarious."
-Glasgow Herald